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Friday, November 29, 2013

Diocletian-War of All Against All

So, for this post I couldn't deny the urge to pay homage to a great short film I recently saw. In it, a woman gives birth to a shaggy haired monstrosity resembling the creature above. It was a satanic, gory mess. Diocletian's "War of All Against All" could have easily been the soundtrack for this movie, and I kind of wish it had been. This is great blackened-death metal in the vein of Revenge/Archgoat. Atmosphere of the most fiendish kind abounds here, where the indwelling of abomination has settled on the landscape of the human psyche. At times this album can be quite Doom, but mostly blisteringly fast. Very straightforward riffs here alternate with  a tremolo-style that commit an almost primitive brutality. I will say the extended song at the end of record is slightly experimental and taxing. Worth a go, but usually I trail off. Overall a great listen!

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Black-Metal Friday--Blackelmore

Happy Black Metal Friday, kidz. Wiggity Wiggity, stay funky fresh out there dont forget that slurpee when ya out there droppin stacks at the mizz-all. ha-HAA yeeeeeaahhhhhhhhhhh.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


An EP that needs no introduction. I wont begin to elaborate on the music contained on Mayhem's "Deathcrush"; rather, I'd like to share what it means to me. I think most familiar with the early black metal scene in Norway could agree that many came to see Deathcrush as an ethos; that it spawned a fermentation of ideas and approaches to music; that in the end, despite all controversy, something lasting was bestowed upon this wretched earth with the introduction of Deathcrush. Musically it builds on the earlier work of Bathory and Celtic Frost, but with a necrotic edge and darkness unrivaled by even some of todays bands. Symbolically, what I like the most about Deathcrush is its radical turning-away from society; the idea that society as democratically understood is meaningless in the face of certain death (and it is certain). I can appreciate the idea walking into the freezing woods, away from the sterile masses, with their religiously corrupted views of reality. I can identify with the lapse in respect for, the exhaustion with, the so-called love of life. Have you never felt like this:


If not, then I suppose this post seems like artsy-clinical-depression.  This is a must have for any so-called fan of black metal. But I suppose that could have gone unsaid.

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Truppensturm--Fields of Devastation

 Black War-Metal at its most ruthless. Searing tremolo riffs hack across the entire duration of this short-but-savage album. Besides the blistering rhythm on "Fields of Devastation", which is ceaseless, there is a nice murky quality here that is instantly endearing to me. Look for little-to-no catchiness here. Just a swampy onslaught of blasting beats, dismembering guitars, and viscerally expelled vocals from the bowels of some war-possessed soldier.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


While this is not exactly a music post, I did however want to share some of my own art which has made its way into the skate scene. For any of you fiends out there who also skate, you can visit Pyramid Skateboard Company at: 

Pick yourself up a Boris deck, and when your not out there carving flesh, go ahead and carve a bowl or two!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tsjuder-Legion Helvete

A fucking great album, by a band that hardly needs an intro from the petty likes of me. This was released after a hiatus, but contains plenty of the driving old-school sound many of us love. Blistering rhythm overpowers on "Legion Helvete", with catchy guitar riffs that compel immediate stomping. Love the speed and energy on this, along with the possessed vocals. Fast and Evil! Get swept.

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jesus, they is have swords?

Be safe this holiday, friends! I'm almost to the point of Fuck Thanksgiving, just as I am towards valentines day, columbus day, and countless other manufactured holidays created for god-knows-why, but obviously perpetuated in our society to make money. Even Thanksgiving has become a frenzy of coupon cutting slap-heads, driving around looking to hump whatever consumerist glory-hole they can find. They oxymoron is glaring, I believe. Actually, its a lot like Carnival, the vivacious few days of lusty drinking and booty-revealing which occurs right before Lent, the period of somber remorse. Except its in reverse. We have our day of Thanksgiving, and then ejaculate from our homes into the womb of department stores, like possessed freaks. We simply cannot go one day of honest Thanksgiving on a national scale without the backlash of yet more spending and waste. Its fucking retarded. Actually, I care more about Black Friday than I do Thanksgiving, now. Thank you America!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fourth Monarchy--Amphilochia

Here is a cool band from Italy, who apparently are not together any longer sadly. The style of Black Metal on "Amphilochia" is raw, with a definite mid-90s feel. Really great use of keyboards on this album, I feel. Not too much or two little. Just enough to create an interesting backdrop and keep the songs distinct. Wont be the most original thing you will hear, if you like Black Metal. But turn this on full blast and you wont be disappointed. Fucking nasty vocals, sure to attract odd stares from the local churches youth-group bus if you play it loudly enough at a red-light. :)

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Heresi-Psalm ii Infusco Ignis

There are honestly few one-man bands that I appreciate. I'll admit that its kind of a silly prejudice coming from someone who actually has an appreciation for electronic music, most of which is produced by only one person. But a very strong exception to this is Heresi. Haling from Sweden, Skamfer is the devlish mastermind behind this brooding work of somewhat old-school black-metal. If you are looking for no-gimmicks black-metal, no namby-pamby  hyper-technical experimental bullshit, then this is for you. "Psalm ii: Infusco Ignis" is raw, thrashy, and evil. The riffs are heated and angry, sure to rebel-rouse even the most lethargic basement dwelling neck-beard to a demonic frenzy!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Galdr-Ancient Light of The Stars

Its precisely this form of black-metal which has recently stolen my heart. I can admit, this album is repetitive in terms of the song writing and guitars. But that is how its supposed to be. The guitar work acts more as a motif through which ambiance can manifest .  "Ancient Light of The Stars" is an album which strives to build atmosphere through vocal emotion and cadence. A few songs have surprise solos or hooks, but overall this album has a nice steady drive, delivering you gently onto to the frozen winds of a winter forest. That being said, Ancient Light... was the perfect soundtrack for my hike today:


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Veterans of Black-metal, Enthroned, have delivered up an enchanting work here. "Obsidian" is a well-crafted album, and although it may not push the boundaries of its own genre, it definitely shows some of the finest within it. Obsidian is primarily riff driven, with vocals reminiscent of Marduk. What I love about some songs is the use of subtle melody in the background, usually vocal, which add a Mysterious Presence to the overall experience. A captivating release for sure!

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Abyssal--Novit Enim Dominum Qui Sunt Eius

I hope this is not bias speaking, but the UK never fails to satisfy me in terms of music. Some of my favorite bands hail from there: Akercocke, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death. Abyssal, whose earlier release "Denouement" left me eager for more, have truly delivered with "Novit Enim Dominum Qui Sunt Eius". One has the feeling of being stranded at some forgotten alter, covered in ash, in some wayside ruin. The chilling air creeps up behind you, almost blowing over to the ground. As bleak riffs emanate, carried along the devastating winds of blast beats, you can almost smell hopelessness. There is a certain level of obscurity to this band, which makes the music even richer. This is very refined Death-Metal, with definite Black influences. There are these really savage blast beats which just explode out of no where, which come to a halt suddenly, as riffs tighten and squeeze around you. The album seems to stretch time, and you along with it. High Recommended.

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Friday, November 22, 2013


Okay, friends. I have decided that fridays are going to be Blackmetal fridays: anything and everything Blackmetal related, often with a slightly humorous note. Feel free to contribute, music or pics appreciated equally. 

Remember: Have fun this weekend, but BE SAFE! You never know who is lurking around the playground these days. And always, ALWAYS remember whose the boss when making decisions...

Your damn right, Satan is my co-pilot!


Early Blackmetal from Germany. What I love about Christianfeind is its use of melodic parts, esp in the intro and and first song. Astaroth have a great way of luring you in with melody, occasionally omitting the use of all other instruments besides keyboard, before returning to the more raw sound characteristic of the era. Vocals are throaty and menacing. Anti-Christian lyrical themes are sure to please all you undergound reactionaries still lurking the woods around the local churches. Enjoy brethren! 

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Blasphemy-Fallen Angel of Doom

Not at all for the faint hearted. When you are in the mood for music that boarders on pure chaos, this is the album for you. Admittedly though, I have to be in a particular mood for this. The guitar work is often drowned by the drums and vocals. However, if you are like me, this can be a winning formula. Where the Album fails to deliver a neat presentation of clearly defined guitar work, it makes up for with its onslaught of savage blast beats, its almost primitive vocals, and its blackened song structures. When I am pissed off and just dont give a fuck, this is what I listen to. Ugly, demented, and unashamed. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aosoth-Ashes of Angels

I had the pleasure of seeing Aosoth at Maryland Deathfest 2013. Truly a remarkable outfit, as many fans of Antaeus know (singers former project). This is black-metal with a noticeable death-metal base. More incisive on the nerves, the music here is less to do with murky atmosphere and more with seething, slicing guitars, unrelenting percussion, and occult mysticism. There is also some mid paced debauchery sure to please any one looking for an upbeat groove, or for anyone interested in molesting a platter of broken glass with the side of their face. :)

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Prosanctus Inferi-Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night

This Album rips. Not only does it conjure the very atmosphere which I so revere for this genre, the song writing displays a level of technical ability worth noting. Songs like "Nuptial Hymns Burst Forth Slave Carrion" end which crushing heaviness sure to please. Artwork by Italian artist Paolo "the madman" Girardi .

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Black Metal Jack Kerouac!!

In transit right now, staying at a hotel up in PA. All by my lonesome. And you know what? It is fucking awesome. Of course, I may feel this way only because I just watched On The Road. Now, my Beat obsession is long since passed, but I must admit they did a good job. I guess before there was punk in America kids huddled drunkenly in their apartments and sang along to scat singers with the same frenzied emotion. At least it's cool to maybe think so. I tried not watch or read anything related to On The Road for a while because I was afraid it would infect me with the same reckless search for excitement. We all know how Dean wound up. We know what happened to Jack. The movies made me realize, though, it's not about the booze, the drugs, or the sex. Sure, that was the garb of the movies principal idea, but the idea itself; that's what mattered . And the idea was really more of a death rattle than any logical point or concept. It was the last pitiful sigh of Old American freedom. But there I go rambling again. Anyhow, heres to black-metal Jack!

Fulgurum--Za Widnokr giem Ziemskiej Rozpaczy

The cover to this really captures the sound. This is raw, depressive black metal from Poland. The atmosphere this generates is cold and grey, seemingly boundless and completely desolate. I was surprised to learn that this is a solo project, which made the songs even more interesting. Look for no consolation here, no remorse, no hope. 

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This is a band from the UK I discovered only recently. This album does not overwhelm in the same way as other releases mentioned here do, but it is captivating. There is something about this style of cold, atmospheric black metal that puts me quite at ease. The melodies on this work lure one quickly into a more isolated place, where frozen landscapes unfold and solemn wonder take place. I was presently surprised when I heard this. Savor this on a rainy or foggy day, and you wont be let down. Dark, spiritual, and cold. 


Archgoat- Heavenly Vulva

Finland strikes again. Hard. This is evil blackened-death that creates a real atmosphere of sacrilege, doom, and otherwise demonic malevolence. Guitar production on this reminds me of Revenge. "Goddess of The Abyss of Graves" stands out for me. Perhaps its the moaning intro of what sounds like a woman having an orgasm in satanic ecstasy, followed quickly by the primitive bellowing of some sacrificial goat. 

Archgoat-Heavenly Vulva

Monday, November 18, 2013

Embrace of Thorns-Praying For Absolution

Well obviously I expected something good judging by the cover when I got this album. But I didn't expect it to be as good as it is. This is a brooding, intense album. Blackened Death-Metal in the vein of Diocletian and Pseudogod. One of the aspects of this album that I appreciate most is the overall occult mood that it produces. There are sudden and dramatic changes in tempo on this album, but one is lured almost seamlessly into a foreboding cloud of satanic magic. This is ritualized savagery at its best.

Embrace of Thorns

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cyanic-Litanies of lust unholy

Blackened-Death-Grind from California. This is a scathing album, beautiful in production and relentless in its aural assault. From start to finish, there are no hooks or gimmicks here: almost a continuous blast throughout. There are however some thrashy riffs thrown in that keep it interesting. This is in my top three so far for the last month.

Cyanic-Litanies of Lust Unholy

diSEMBOWELMENT -Transcendence Into The Peripheral

A great Doom/Death Metal masterpiece Australia. If you'd like to know what a troll giving birth in a wet cave sounds like, then this is for you. The faster death metal parts are a great contrast to the minimalist doom sections, alternating nicely throughout the album. I find this personally to be a great bed time listen.

diSEMBOWELMENT-Transcendence Into The Peripheral


Awesome Doom/Death Metal from Seattle, WA. There is an otherworldly feel to this album, enchanting to a certain degree while maintaining its bleak overtones. Guitars are dense and enveloping, to be appreciated as loudly as possible.