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Thursday, February 13, 2014


          This could not be a more a pleasing album. Everything is here: wind-like blast beats that wash over you, like a devastating flood of energy. There is also a nice a balance here between the guitars and drumming, both being just the right level to really enhance, not detract, from one another. This release can be really unpredictable at times, with furious blast beats and tremolo-picked guitars seething from the netherworld from out of nowhere. The vocals are a tormented, savage, throaty kind. They never get too low or too high, but maintain an even level throughout. Also, these are some good ole boys from the States!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monastyr-Never Dreaming

      Here is a nice little surprise I stumbled on about a week ago. Monastyr hails from Poland, and their album "Never Dreaming", released in 1994, deliver up a satisfying offering of evil, old-school death metal. The Guitars on this have just the right level of crunch, without being so beefed up that it drowns out the drumming. The drumming on this, while not overly complex, is perfect if your in the mood for this nasty kind of sound. The overall effect is one of morbid, dense, atmosphere. The vocals lurk in the lower realms of burpy, gurgling, ogre like tones, with a few moments of gang vocals which are truly possessed. There are also a few nice solos on this which only serve to heighten the post mortem spirit of death and candle-lit magic. And the album is fucking heavy, so want it. 

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