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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Svikt- I Elendighetens Selskap

       First off, let me say that this album almost got lost on my hard drive in the midst of things. I'm glad it didn't, as this is a pleasant surprise. Nothing new, necessarily, but well worth a listen if you appreciate old fashioned Norwegian black-metal. As these dudes hail from Norway, its no wonder they so skillfully conjure the second wave chill of earlier bands from the same region. There is a nice level of variation on this album, in terms of pace and guitars. The vocals are a grim reminder of how black-metal should sound: melancholic, evil, and savage. I'm especially fond of the art work on the cover. It recalls the desolate emotion I think we're all bound to face at one time or another; the feeling of being thrown into the chaos of life, surrounded by a foreign wilderness. Nothing left to do but inhale the winter wind and let yourself become bitter through and through! 

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Ravencult--Temples of Torment

    So here is an album that has really hooked me this week. Another awesome Greek band, Ravencult deliver a raw black metal sound in the vein of Mayhem/Bathory.  Straightforward, ruthless, and cold, "Temples of Torment" is sure to have you tearing up the living room furniture. You will be biting the arms of the couch harder and more viciously than your dog, who will sit and stare at you in apprehensive confusion. The initial chanting during the intro sets the stage, and is a strong contrast to the otherwise sharp tone of the guitar work on the rest of the album. The sound cuts right into you, leaving you to bleed. Also, some really nice drum work; strong, and with the just the right touch of technical flare to keep you interested while pulling you inexorably into their darkened mist.   Some of the riffs and upbeat sections on this conjure the image of running through winter woods, torch in hand, to burn the holy objects of mankind. Prepare to be sliced with ice, brothers!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Theosis-Behold The Glorious Night

       What can I say about this album after being awake for work since 3:30am EST? My brain is buzzing with delirious thoughts. Half-finished concepts begin to show on the canvass of my mind, only to disappear. But I will give this one a go, since I feel its worth it. Right now, there is a dense veil of fog blanketing the area I live in. Somewhere in the endless expanse of grey, a raven is perched upon a naked branch, scanning the ground below for signs of prey. If you can picture this, then you begin to get a sense of Theosis. Admittedly, there is nothing truly new on this album for those seeking novelty. But what you will find is an excellent example of a band that has not forgotten the overall atmosphere and emotion behind early Scandinavian black metal. The guitars are straightforward and not overly technical; simply cold and raw. The vocals are eerily distorted, as though coming from a distant place. This is great music if you have cold, damp weather to appreciate as I do.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


      More epic metal from the enchanted depths. True, some of the metaphors and usual descriptions for this genre of music is a tad cliche, but when you make music as powerful as this it doesn't really matter. The fact is, Falkenbach's "Asa" contains true magic stolen from the ice-capped mountains of eons past. A great blend of chilling savagery and atmospheric grace, this is an album that has really been growing on me. I am somewhat late to the game, as Falkenbach has been in the mix for quite some time. They are off to really good start for me. The vocals have that often coveted ability to alternate between steady and melodic to throaty and fiendish. He sounds like an Ice Troll being birthed from a womb of solid rock. And then suddenly, he glides into this frankly soothing melodic approach that gets me every time. This is a solo project, which makes this personally more enjoyable. Not that I'm partial to such projects, but simply because its impressive to hear artistic range of one person and to be reminded that a musician can be so independently effective. For fans of Caladan Brood

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Napalm Death-Harmony Corruption

     This is a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty fucking album. How many nasty's is that? Nasty. Admittedly they are emulating to a degree the Florida sound of death metal, but who cares? This is an insanely intense grind/death album, and one of my favorites. Mick Harris (drums) is a fucking beastly animal. There is enough blast beat power to split your ass-cheeks right up the middle. Actually, they are already split. And that was gay, sort of. However, this is a must have for anyone interested in hearing Napalm from a less grind, and more death-centered approach. LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED