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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Theosis-Behold The Glorious Night

       What can I say about this album after being awake for work since 3:30am EST? My brain is buzzing with delirious thoughts. Half-finished concepts begin to show on the canvass of my mind, only to disappear. But I will give this one a go, since I feel its worth it. Right now, there is a dense veil of fog blanketing the area I live in. Somewhere in the endless expanse of grey, a raven is perched upon a naked branch, scanning the ground below for signs of prey. If you can picture this, then you begin to get a sense of Theosis. Admittedly, there is nothing truly new on this album for those seeking novelty. But what you will find is an excellent example of a band that has not forgotten the overall atmosphere and emotion behind early Scandinavian black metal. The guitars are straightforward and not overly technical; simply cold and raw. The vocals are eerily distorted, as though coming from a distant place. This is great music if you have cold, damp weather to appreciate as I do.

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