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Monday, January 20, 2014

Ravencult--Temples of Torment

    So here is an album that has really hooked me this week. Another awesome Greek band, Ravencult deliver a raw black metal sound in the vein of Mayhem/Bathory.  Straightforward, ruthless, and cold, "Temples of Torment" is sure to have you tearing up the living room furniture. You will be biting the arms of the couch harder and more viciously than your dog, who will sit and stare at you in apprehensive confusion. The initial chanting during the intro sets the stage, and is a strong contrast to the otherwise sharp tone of the guitar work on the rest of the album. The sound cuts right into you, leaving you to bleed. Also, some really nice drum work; strong, and with the just the right touch of technical flare to keep you interested while pulling you inexorably into their darkened mist.   Some of the riffs and upbeat sections on this conjure the image of running through winter woods, torch in hand, to burn the holy objects of mankind. Prepare to be sliced with ice, brothers!

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