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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


      More epic metal from the enchanted depths. True, some of the metaphors and usual descriptions for this genre of music is a tad cliche, but when you make music as powerful as this it doesn't really matter. The fact is, Falkenbach's "Asa" contains true magic stolen from the ice-capped mountains of eons past. A great blend of chilling savagery and atmospheric grace, this is an album that has really been growing on me. I am somewhat late to the game, as Falkenbach has been in the mix for quite some time. They are off to really good start for me. The vocals have that often coveted ability to alternate between steady and melodic to throaty and fiendish. He sounds like an Ice Troll being birthed from a womb of solid rock. And then suddenly, he glides into this frankly soothing melodic approach that gets me every time. This is a solo project, which makes this personally more enjoyable. Not that I'm partial to such projects, but simply because its impressive to hear artistic range of one person and to be reminded that a musician can be so independently effective. For fans of Caladan Brood

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