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Monday, December 23, 2013

Caladan Brood-Echoes of Battle

       Did you say Utah? This brooding work of majestic ambiance, this solemn jewel of battle-worn hymns comes from Utah? This is one of my favorite releases of 2013. An album steeped in fantastic lore, soaked with enough pagan, albeit imaginary, images to keep you spellbound for months to come. Every time I listen to Caladan Brood's "Echoes of Battle", I'm taken on a voyage to frozen realms of valor; to mountainous peaks above the path of warrior caravans and hidden dangers. This music is not just inspired by a fantasy novel; it IS a fantasy novel. As the pages of myth and legend unfold like petals of some enchanted flower, so do these songs unravel before your eyes the heart-wrenching courage and pride of long-lost men. To press play on this for the first time is like taking the first step onto the path of bravery, to suddenly feel the alpine wind bellow from the abyss and usher onward the cause of war; fear not, brethren. The eyes of your ancestors are upon you! For what it's worth, and my "technical" opinion of music is still developing in some respects, this album contains some of the BEST use of keyboards you'll ever hear . The arrangements here are woven so thoughtfully, so beautifully, as to leave you speechless. "Wild Autumn Wind" has a guitar solo that is nothing short of pure magic. It gives way to melodic vocals that carry you to peaks enshrouded with mist, only to drift away slowly and leave you there for eternity. Okay, that wasn't very technical. But...

Yes, that's how this fucking album makes me feel. 

Get it

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